About Equilan

We are specialists in the project-based manufacture of retail furniture

We work hand in hand with whoever prepares the project; we interpret it and faithfully manufacture it. We collaborate with architects, interior designers and other professionals from the sector, putting at their disposal our experience and technical abilities. Together we create unique, quality furniture.

We have very high demands regarding quality and finishes .

Our hallmarks

Experience, manufacture, productivity, ability to interpret, know-how and network of delegates


At equilan we have spent decades manufacturing commercial furniture. We started in 1991 as a company specialised in tubular metal systems for commercial shelving and today we are specialised in the manufacture of tailored furniture for the retail sector.

At our Hernani facilities we have three integrated workshops: the carpentry workshop, the aluminium metalwork workshop and the welding and iron workshop. In collaboration with other associated companies, we have an oven-baked epoxy paint shop and laser cutting facilities.

The incorporation of new digital technologies in the production process has enabled us to expand our offer and be perfectly equipped for the manufacture of our new Kana brand.

Although we have integrated digital technology into the production process, all the furniture continues to go through the hands of experts.

We work as a team and in collaboration with architects, interior designers, professionals from the sector and brands. They put their designs in our hands and we faithfully realise them.

Our main strength is the ability to convert the specifications of the designer and to industrialise the manufacture of the design into a viable format for production in small series.

We adapt to the interior design project and provide solutions to suit both the design and the budget, proposing different materials, finishes and ways of working.

Our extensive experience and know-how enable us to choose the best way to work with the wood, metal and fittings in each project.

We have a network of distributors and assemblers throughout Spain, as well as in France, as one of equilan’s strong points is its location just 20 km away from the French border.

In addition to manufacturing the furniture, we offer an installation service to retail brands.

Foto de las maderas en la fabrica de Equilan

Our experience has enabled us to create our own brand, KANA, with which we want to be present on the international market.

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How we work

We provide solutions to adapt to the design and budget

1. Valoración de Proyectos

When we receive a project, we assess its technical feasibility and provide solutions that adapt to both the design and the budget. Our know-how enables us to combine materials, finishes and forms of execution to try to offer the result you are looking for and always respecting the professional’s design. Based on the technical documentation, we prepare a non-binding estimate and establish an execution deadline.

2. Fabricación de los muebles

Once the proposal has been accepted, we move on to the manufacturing phase. We have three integrated workshops in which we work with steel, wood and aluminium. Our furniture uses local resources. The furniture is made with local raw materials, wood and steel from the Spanish and French Basque Country.

3. Entrega, instalación y montaje

Our furniture consists of functional and robust pieces that are easy to transport. Once manufactured, we offer a regular or door-to-door transport service with delivery at the installation location. If the customer prefers, they can send their own haulier. We’ll take care of the packaging. Our furniture is designed to be installed by a professional installer.

Do you have a project?

Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost