Furniture for UNIQUE SPACES

Functional and quality furniture for unique projects

At equilan we work on a project basis. This is the case of furniture for unique projects such as museums, exhibition spaces, etc. Special locations that require tailored furniture.

In each case the needs are different. The professionals who design this type of furniture take into account the objects that will be exhibited to create their project. At equilan we are used to working hand in hand with interior designers, architects… always respecting their designs, interpreting their requirements and putting our experience and know-how at their service.

In our workshop we work with wood and metal to create that unique piece of furniture designed for those spaces.

If you’re a professional from the sector, you will want to know…

How is equilan’s furniture manufactured?

We are demanding when it comes to quality and finish, which is why, despite having a certain degree of automation in the manufacturing process, all our furniture continues to go through the hands of experts.

In our own metal and carpentry workshop we always work with locally-sourced materials.

Equilan’s tip

Although what is important in a museum or exhibition space are the objects displayed, the furniture or lighting are two important factors to bear in mind as they contribute to the sensations of the people visiting them.

Do you have a project?

Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost. Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost

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