The furniture your office needs

The world and workplaces are changing.

For employees and clients, the design of an office, its image, is increasingly important. We spend many hours a day working, and therefore having functional but attractive furniture, manufactured following a designer’s, architect’s or interior designer’s project that facilitates the tasks of workers is a new demand.

Original meeting tables and desks, co-working spaces, conference call rooms, customer service stations, etc. The combination of digital and face-to-face is here to stay. Functionality and originality, always respecting the project and the budget. These are equilan’s premises.

In an office, the cabinets and shelves are essential elements for storing documents related to our activity and having them organised and within reach. But very often new aesthetic needs are created that are not necessarily solved with catalogue furniture. That’s where equilan can provide the difference as a supplier of workspace furniture.

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What type of furniture does equilan manufacture?

At equilan we are specialists in the project-based manufacture of furniture. We help to create unique spaces with custom-made furniture, based on our know-how with an iron, wood and aluminium workshop.

One of our strengths is our ability to cooperate. We know that we are a cog in a wheel directed by whoever has designed the workspace.

Equilan’s tip

Bear in mind the combination of furniture with new technologies. Right now, companies need to showcase their knowledge, communicate excellence to their customers and to their team, in new spaces that combine displaying the product and service with digital communication. Integrating the physical presentation of the product manufactured by the company with displays and videos in showroom spaces requires adequate furniture.

We are the ideal partner for these projects, the project-based furniture manufacturer who solves and respects the project and its functionalities.

Do you have a project?

Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost. Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost

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