Furniture for service stations, bookshops or gift shops

Service stations and petrol stations have changed a lot over time. Today, in addition to filling your vehicle’s tank, you can purchase all kinds of products at petrol stations (such as food, newspapers, gifts and tobacco), take a break, have a coffee, etc.

Many of the items offered overlap with those of a tobacconist, meaning that the needs often coincide and the solutions can be similar. The big challenge with these types of establishments is to show a large number of products of a diverse nature in a space that is generally small in size. The goal is to display all the items so that they attract attention and sell themselves through the impulse of the potential buyer.

Bookshops or kiosks where a multitude of newspapers, magazines, collections, etc. are sold also have particular characteristics as they must display the press and magazines in such a way that the customer can find them and even read the covers.

In tobacconists and bookshops, service stations or petrol stations, modular but original furniture that responds to a tailored project are the perfect option to make the most of the space and present the products in an organised manner.

If you’re a professional from the sector, you will want to know…

How is the furniture transported once manufactured?

To take the furniture to its installation location, we have a regular transport service that can deliver throughout the Peninsula within a period of one to three days.

Our commercial delegates are at your disposal to ensure that everything goes to plan, with on-site visits, coordination of the assembly and providing after-sales service.

If you are a designer, architect or interior designer, your mission will be to plan the space and ours will be to manufacture the furniture according to your instructions. With our team of delegates we will make sure that it is carried out under the agreed conditions.

Equilan’s tip

In service stations, tobacconists or bookshops, counters are often used not only for charging but also for displaying different products and facilitating impulse sales. It is important to have furniture that enables fulfilling both functions in an organised but attractive manner. At equilan we manufacture our furniture taking these factors into account and with the sales they will generate in mind.

Do you have a project?

Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost. Share it with us and we will give you a non-binding estimate of the manufacturing cost

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